Fast & Furious: Supercharged is a ride at Universal Studios Florida. It opened in 2018 and replaced Disaster!: A Major Motion Picture Ride...Starring You!

Summary Edit

Guests enter from the San Francisco area of the park. The facade is meant to represent a garage with Dom’s Charger parked outside. The queue winds through the garage which is full of cars from the films. Guests enter a room with pictures of the characters and a television screen. Guests are greeted by a live actor who tells them about the garage. Mia Toretto calls and tells guests that Dom has won another street race and is celebrating at Sullivan’s garage and that guests are invited. Tej appears and tells them that he has party buses to take the guests there. Guests then enter Tej’s war room where they are greeted by another cast member who explains everything in the room. Tej calls and says that the buses are ready, but is called by Dom who tells him that the FBI are homing in on their location. To make matters worse, Owen Shaw is following them. Tej then calls Hobbs who informs him on the plot and reminds guests to turn off their phones Shaw can’t track them. Guest enter the loading area past wanted posters for Shaw and his gang. Guests board the buses and head for the party. The ride follows the same pattern as the Hollywood version with the exception of the 3D and inserted shots of Tej and Mia.